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The Academy of Art University added "Rooftop" as required viewing for their online MFA program in the Motion Picture & Television department. Specifically the "Preparing the Thesis Project" course. They felt that the "film was an excellent example of how a short film can stand alone as a short film, rather than trying to be a short feature."


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Director / Producer PJ Gaynard:


PJ Gaynard is a Los Angeles based filmmaker. He has a BFA in film/video/animation from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is the president and director of Goat Milk Fudge Productions. PJ has spent the last 15 years working in a variety of positions on films and videos in Rochester NY, Boston MA, New York City, Pittsburgh PA, and Los Angeles CA. In 2008 he directed and produced two short films, "Rooftop" and "Love Sick Love".


Producer Bart Blackburn:


Bart Blackburn is a former aerospace engineer who now focuses on creating quality films.  Always one to think outside the box, Bart left the engineering field when he found it to be too formulaic.  He now works on making movies that are different from other existing films, especially those with unique storylines.  As a producer, he has found a broader use for his engineering skills and the freedom to act on new ideas.


Producer Allison Vanore:


Allison Vanore is an independent film producer. She has a BFA in Media Arts from the University of Arizona. From 2004 to 2008, Allison served as the Director of Creative Operations for interactive design firm, Georgopoulos Design Environments, where she oversaw DVD, Blu-ray, Website and Video production projects for clients such as Disney, Sony, and Yahoo! Most notable is her work on Tarzan II which won a Best Direct to Video DVD Award and award winning Yellowtail banner campaign in 2007. In 2008 she produced three short films, "Rooftop", "Love Sick Love", and "Junkyard"; all of which are hitting the festival circuit.


Writer Dima Otvertchenko:

Dima Otvertchenko was born in the former Soviet Union, moved to New York in 1992 and is currently living in Los Angeles. A graduate of the Vassar College filmmaking program, his film writing/directorial work has been featured in many film festivals, earning him awards at the 2007 Staten Island Film Festival and the 2006 Angelus Student Film Festival. He currently runs a website "", which features his work in film and photography. "Rooftop" is his first writer-only credit.


Cinematographer Bobby Crockett:


Bobby Crockett is based in Los Angeles, California. He has a BFA in film and video production and music theory from the University of Arizona. He has worked in the film industry for 23 years as a grip lighting technician on a variety of projects including feature films, short films, tv commercials, and rock videos. Recently he worked as Director of Photography on the short films: "Rooftop", and "Gamblin" (starring Daniel Baldwin). He has also shot projects for internet broadcast. Bobby hopes to apply his vast experience in lighting and cinematography to a career as a full time cinematographer. He can be reached at 818 438-6258.


Editor Frank Mohler:


Frank Mohler is a Los Angeles based video editor. He graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Theatre, but has been making movies for over 10 years. He currently works freelance; cutting trailers, short films, and DVD special features. His most recent work includes the Mystery Science Theatre 20th Anniversary and Blossom featurettes.


Actor's Bio:


David Alan Graf plays Lionel:


Los Angeles native David Alan Graf has been an actor for over twenty years, gracing both the large and small screen. His performance in the independent sleeper Bang (available on video) as a supposedly legitimate movie producer has been lauded by critics as both satirical and disturbing. In "Pups", his portrayal of a humiliated bank manager held hostage by two compulsive young teenagers in love, brought the following comments from critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun: "(A) very real unraveling persona of a man who can't believe this is happening to him. David Alan Graf's portrayal of a kindly bank manager coming apart takes us inside the bank hostage situation itself." For more about David, you may Google DAVID ALAN GRAF OR go to IMDB.


Bart Blackburn plays Young Man on Roof:


Bart Blackburn was born in the small town of Orcutt, California.  He excelled in school as a youth, particularly in Mathematics, and graduated valedictorian of his high school.  He went on to attend Dartmouth on a full scholarship where he received a degree in Mathematics, but it was there that he realized how important it is to foster one’s creative side as well.  Having always been an artist of one form or another, Bart now manifests his inspirations through acting and writing in Los Angeles.


Cheryl Burns plays Young Woman on Roof:


Cheryl is a member of the Playhouse West Repertory Theater Group  Her other credits include starring roles in the short film “Sin Hurst” which screened at the Arclight in Hollywood as part of the 48 Hour Film Festival, and at the City of Angles Film Festival. Cheryl also starred in the wonderfully awful B horror movies "Hatchetman" and "Eyes In The Sand" which she thinks you can actually get on Netflix. Cheryl has had a lead role in the play "Diary Of A Catholic School Dropout". She has done a boat load of commercials and can't wait to break into TV.




Johnny Sanchez, a greasy, scumbag, prince of crime, is picking off rival dealers. Determined to find out how, Lionel Hamlin perches on a rooftop to spy on him. Lionel, however, is unprepared for what happens next: a young couple sneaks up to the roof for some ice cream, locking the door behind them. Suddenly stranded on a rooftop with Sanchez getting away, Lionel and the kids have to figure out how to get off the roof without alerting anyone or getting killed.







David Alan Graf Lionel
Cheryl Burns Girl on Roof
Bart Blackburn Young Man on Roof
Thomas Dunlap Man on Street 2
David Daskal Man on Street 1
Director/ Exec. Producer Patrick Gaynard
Exec. Producer Bart Blackburn
Producer Allison Vanore
Catering/Associate Producer Cindy Gaynard
Writer Dima Otvertchenko
Assistant Director Matt Jackson
Production Assistant Tony Ohlhoff
Production Assistant Sean McHugh
Director of Photography Bobby Crockett
Assistant Camera Justin Martinez
Grip Jeff Crowell
Grip Rick Asperger
Grip Michael Skvarla
Grip John Karyus
Art Director Jenny Beatty
Weapons Scott Beatty
Sound Recordist Dawn Cooper
Make Up/Hair Erin LeBre
Editor Frank Mohler
Compositing Work Justin Martinez
Colorist Rich Kuzma
Music Composition Tommy Hazerian
Sound Design/Mixing Jon Rezin
Special Thanks John Georgopoulos
Teresa Mendoza, SAG