Goat Milk Fudge Productions started as the brain trust of Patrick (P.J.) Gaynard. PJ Gaynard’s filmmaking philosophy is “Filmmaking is a creative, team process. Having had time to refine my skills in many different positions has given me the uncanny ability to understand filmmaking."

P.J. has flourished as a Director and Director of Photography for commercial, industrial, web, and feature projects. He produces for his own production company as Goat Milk Fudge Productions. His client list includes:

California State University Northridge

Alliant International University

Educators 4 Excellence


TVGuide Online

The City of Aliso Viejo

The Mercury Men (shown on ScyFy.com)



LA Confidential Magazine

Media Platform



And many more...

Humble Beginnings

PJ was born in the San Diego in the mid 1970's. Before he was a year old his family moved back to South Western Pennsylvania. When he was three he was bit badly by a dog and received 650 stitches and plastic surgery along his neck.

His parents, who divorced when he was four, lived one block from each other for most of his childhood. This small distance between houses allowed PJ to grow up in two completely different environments concurrently. He attributes his good nature to growing up in this fashion.

Throughout PJ's childhood if he wasn't at school or working elsewhere he often was helping his father with his plumbing business. "Basically if I wasn't somewhere important, I was digging a ditch or cleaning my dad's van. So, I have a stronger work ethic than most people. And, I've probably dug more ditches!"

As a child PJ played football, broke 5 minutes in the mile, trained in martial arts, acted in school plays, worked as a cook, and was a pretty normal kid. He was president of his local VICA group at the Western Area Vocational Technical School where he took classes in Engineering Related Technology. "I've always been interested in invention and creation. Engineering and filmmakiing are two very different and equally cool ways to pursue that."

Restless College Years

After highschool PJ moved to Rochester, New York to pursue a degree in industrial engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. While in his freshman year he found himself helping film students make their student films and eventually began making his own.

PJ quickly changed majors to Film/Video/Animation and while pursuing his degree was president of his class and department. He also ran the student film store. When not busy at school, he found time to be a writer and editor at the student run magazine, work as a bar/club/event DJ, work as a dinner theater actor, work as a crew member on local independent films and videos, become a published poet several times over, and work at Instructional Television at The National Technical Institute for the Deaf. He also acted in Shakespearian productions on campus and in other students films and video. "I kept VERY busy during my college years. I didn't sleep much!"

"College was intense. I spent alot of time infront of an audience as an actor, DJ, poet, and filmmaker. From those experiences, I understood directly how an audience responds, and what they respond to. I can't tell you how beneficial that was. In film and video work, you must know and understand your audience without being there to see them respond!"

Also, within that time frame PJ spent a summer interning at Nickelodeon's On-Air promos department in New York City. "This was a two fold learning experience. First, I took on New York City with no money, because Nickelodeon doesn't pay it's interns! At the same time I got a great first taste of what it's like to make something for a national audience." Before PJ left New York City, Nickelodeon had hired him as a freelance producers assistant.

The Wild World of Work

After graduating from RIT with a Bachelor of fine arts, PJ AD-ed several shorts and one feature. He worked as a broadcast engineer for the local PBS affiliate. He also directed 14 commercials in a single day for The Stereoshop (check out our projects section). "The Steoshop gig was crazy but alot of fun. It was also proof that I was making great progress as a producer and director."

After working on the Stereoshop campaign, PJ was given a chance to work as an apprentice to a Gaffer in Boston. He spent a year and half honing his lighting skills in Boston. While there he gaffed his first feature, Dance By Design. "Onset, if you aren't careful you can spend the whole day lighting and bring the production to a grinding halt. Understanding how to light at a professional level was integral to my understanding of the filmmaking process."

PJ then returned to Rochester, NY in order to date and eventually marry Cindy Carle. While back in Rochester, PJ wasted no time, shooting for several local and national companies, eventually joining the staff of SEVideo as a shooter, editor, producer and director. "We made everything from wedding shows to cheerleading highlight tapes to industrial videos for fake ice."


After Cindy and PJ married 2004, he immediately dragged her kicking and screaming to Los Angeles. PJ quickly joined IATSE Local 728 as a set lighting technician. He also directed a full length play and a one act play. Knowing he needed to direct more filmed material, he moved onto directing several spec. commercials. Once he formed a cohesive LA team, he made two multi award winning short films, Love Sick Love, and Rooftop. Rooftop and Love Sick Love both have distribution deals through Ouat Media.

PJ stopped working as a gaffer and electrician in 2009. He has flourished as a Director and Director of Photography for commercial, industrial, web, and feature projects today. He produces for his own production company as Goat Milk Fudge Productions.

The Origin of Goat Milk Fudge

Throughout PJ's childhood a basic sign sat along Rt. 19 near Canonsburg PA in an empty field near a farmers market, that read "Goat Milk Fudge". The sign was well known in the community. As he grew and began to drive, the temptation to steal the sign was great. For some reason his friends always dissuaded him, usually for timing or legal reasons.

One night in 1995, while home on Christmas vacation, PJ pulled along side the highway near that sign. Alone, with no one to stop him, he trudged through a foot of snow to that old sign. The bolts rusted in place, he was forced to rip it from the earth, taking it and it's 8 foot pole. He jammed it pole first into his small car. With the trunk flapping open, he quickly headed home. The following day, his father helped him cut the bolts off, and commented the sign had been there for atleast 50 years.

The following year the hill was landscaped and a housing development was put in. Although it seemed like thievery at the time, PJ saved a landmark of the town. People comment to this day that they wonder what could have happened to such a strange sign. PJ always says, "If you want something, you have to make it happen. If I had waited for help, the sign would be gone, and I might be short a career."

Today, PJ’s wife, Cindy, is known to make actual goat milk fudge on a regular basis. Doing business with us almost guarantees you getting a batch on shoot day. Be sure to ask us to bring some!

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